Jumper & Thongs Winter Gin: Batch 3

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An all-Australian up-cycled gin which tastes as incredible as its journey to the bottle. Perfectly paired with dry ginger ale or cloudy apple juice, its cinnamon and apple notes are reminiscent of mulled wine or hot cross buns.

In early 2020, we heard about some premium Pinot Noir grapes sitting on the vine in the Victorian Alps. They'd been exposed to the summer bushfires and the residual smoke taint left them unable to be used for wine, but still good for distillation.

We teamed up with a local winemaker who knew a thing or two about brandy. He fermented them for distillation and sent them up, where we've distilled them as a base spirit for our Jumper & Thongs winter gin. 

We stripped the smoke taint but kept the Pinot notes of red apple. To transform it into a winter gin, we thoughtfully paired traditional gin ingredients with native winter spices like cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, wattle seed and sunrise lime.

A unique and delicious way to take the edge off the winter chill ❄️